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Take Control of Your Marketing Efforts with New Technology

With the growing importance of comprehensive marketing campaigns and digital media usage, INDEXX has incorporated a new technology platform into its broad array of products and services. Designed to allow greater integration of marketing components and to facilitate cross media initiatives, this powerful software suite provides customers with highly interactive, unified campaigns that are personalized across diverse media channels email marketing, social media, micro-websites, and text messaging. The effectiveness of these campaigns can be measured by the type of media each prospect opts to respond to, along with the overall ROI. INDEXX is one of the few companies to offer this specific platform with this level of cross media integration.

What We're Offering
We are equipped to unite design, printing, landing pages, mailing, and emailing into highly personalized campaigns that can be tracked and that supply your sales team with real-time lead information. Whether you're starting from the ground up or employing an existing campaign, you can utilize this powerful solution to get the best-performing ROI from your marketing initiatives.

How You Benefit
Personalization is a huge aspect of this new software. It allows you to target each of your contacts on an individual basis and to reach out with preferred name and other relevant data. You can tailor campaigns to an incredibly sophisticated degree, offering each contact what he or she will best respond to with a minimum of effort and making quick, on-the-fly revisions when necessary. Campaign content can even be changed in real-time during the life of the campaign, especially as products, inventory, and/or services change.

In addition, you can validate your interest in each contact through text or image, utilizing their name or preferences to cater to their likes. For example, you can offer a coupon for a Hawaiian pizza based on a contact's previous order, or you can provide a discount on a premium oil change based on one that's been purchased before. The capabilities and specificity of variable data are impressive, and INDEXX stands ready to help you maximize your messaging in a single, integrated effort.

In conjunction, tracking tools allow you to see the value of your efforts immediately and to make strategic adjustments in response to the numbers. That way, you can trace the impact more thoroughly and ensure that your dollars are being spent to
optimal effect. Since every component of the technology communicates with every other one, businesses can do much more for much less.

To understand how this new technology can grant you more options and greater cost-savings in your marketing plan, contact your sales rep or email sales@INDEXX.com.

More Than Print

Prominent Features

  • Text personalization
  • Image personalization
  • Coupon personalization
  • Cross media unification
  • Tracking capabilities
  • One-to-one marketing
  • Campaign-wide integration

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