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Reel In A Better Return:
Cutting-Edge Personalized Campaigns

Cross Media Strategies

Our completely integrated software places a premium on unified messaging and determines how best to target individual customers based on available data regarding their personal preferences. This 1-to-1 intelligent cross media platform is especially powerful because it tracks both your activity and your customers' and simplifies pinpoint customization of both text and imagery. Moreover, it lets you maximize your efforts if you know that a customer texts frequently but only checks email twice a day, you can make contact tactically, when and where it counts.

A Flexible Platform

Versatility is also a key component of the services. In one relevant campaign, the technology was proven so adaptable that it could automatically deliver distinct messaging to twin brothers, differentiating them according to personality and interests even when demographic information was similar.

The software's sophisticated set of algorithms also recognizes when an identical message is intended for recipients at the same address, and it establishes alternatives to vary what each one receives. It can even alter language, tone, and vocabulary according to a customer's position within the company, educational background, etc.

The goal, simply enough, is to take every opportunity to forge a personal connection, making your product stand out in high relief while also reaching out to each customer in a way that optimizes his or her motivation to act.

A Quick Response

The freedom to personalize content also means that you can change direction with your plans as often as necessary. Although INDEXX coordinates your cross media campaigns, you have agency in everything. We set you up with a dashboard of tracking and analytics tools that lets you monitor the details of any initiative.

As a result, if you've sent out an offer and see that one of the options isn't getting much traffic, you can drop it, replace it, or regroup entirely.

Since customer responses serve as your guide, there's no need to exhaust a campaign only to discover afterwards that elements of it weren't successful. This degree of flexibility not only maximizes your company's resources but ensures that you're working cost-effectively, immediately, and purposefully.

A Complete Suite

It's also important to note that INDEXX's capabilities extend far beyond the standard version of variable data services. Some organizations, for example, offer items like direct mailers simply stamped with a customer or prospect's given name.

INDEXX goes much further with premium cross media marketing, integrating your content, imagery, and lists across all channels and delivering a unified campaign that pulls in targeted email blasts, personalized landing pages, and everything else necessary to get you the results, responses, and measurable ROI you require.

With our program, you're delivered the basics, but we kick it up with widespread personalization, extensive tracking tools, round-the-clock access to performance numbers, and an experienced team who want nothing more than to see your campaign thrive in every way possible.

For an estimation of how 1-to-1 intelligent cross media can take your business to the next level, contact INDEXX at 800.252.8227.

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