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Bridging the Gaps in Your Distributor Marketing Program

Cross Media Strategies

You've created a perfectly positioned product and/or service, and you've invested time and money into setting up a distributor marketing program. You've determined the allocation of co-op marketing funds and allowed distributors a certain amount of freedom in promoting your products and services to their customers.

Still, a notable disconnect appears when you attempt to evaluate the impact of all these efforts. Not only is it time-consuming to follow up with every distributor, but it can be exceedingly difficult to prove the worth of co-op marketing expenditures.

Creating a Solution

Fortunately, INDEXX's cross media program brings a measure of control and coordination to your distributor marketing program. With this technology, you can provide cross media marketing campaigns that look as if they are branded to each distributor and that deliver the same consistent message to all your distributors' prospects. The variable aspects of these campaigns generally include the distributor's logo and contact information, plus any products unique to the specific line the distributor carries.

As your distributors' recipients respond and seek information online, their interests are documented, and a distributor rep is alerted when recipients interact with the campaign. The distributor rep can then follow up with a phone call or with a more specific email based on the initial response.

Building on the Results

From your vantage point, you're able to monitor the effectiveness (or ROI) of the campaigns your distributors launch to their prospects and customers through an online dashboard, which features reports for every distributor and each recipient.

The idea is to create consistent branded campaigns on behalf of your distributors while also capturing important marketing metrics for these campaigns.

INDEXX provides a turnkey solution with our cross media program. We provide all the tools and services necessary to deliver your campaign and to maximize information-gathering.

We're also able to promote your company's products while honoring your distributors' own brands and contact information. You gain the power to make high-level strategic decisions, and your distributors gain flexibility in the field, not to mention the crucial marketing and financial support required to push business – theirs and yours – even further.

Key Benefits:
• Consistent message delivered to distributors' prospects and customers
• Marketing ROI tracked by both manufacturer and distributors
• Campaign delivered in multiple formats – print, email, Web, and smartphone
• Value of co-op funds quickly determined
• Notification of user activity relayed in real-time to distributor reps and manufacturer
• Products and services marketed efficiently through distributor networks
• Program easily integrated into existing distributor marketing programs

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