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INDEXX Earns Full-Service Status as Post Office Modernizes

To adapt to 21st-century communications and carve out a place for itself among email, social media, and package shipping, the US Postal Service is pushing automation initiatives and enticing businesses to its model through incentives, discounts, and firm switchover dates.

In late April, INDEXX fulfilled USPS requirements to become a full-service Intelligent Mail® provider – one of only two local printers to be so designated. Our early adoption status not only puts us at the forefront of the post office's wholesale conversion but allows us to offer discounts that are currently unavailable from other local printers.

To keep abreast of USPS developments, Chad Smith, Mailing and Fulfillment Manager, and Tameka Roberts, Data Processing Analyst, attended the National Postal Forum in April. This annual event educates visitors and provides industry news for businesses that produce and process mail.

The show's broad intent? To share the post office's acknowledgement that it's one solution among all communication options. As such, it expects to offer clear value based on its own strengths while serving as a complement to electronic, social, and other new media.

What's an IMb?

A large part of the USPS transformation involves implementing the Intelligent Mail® barcode, which improves on existing formats by packing extra information into the bars. Along with zip code details, it adds tracking data and consolidates multiple devices into a single tool with increased functionality.
Incorporating this new barcode into INDEXX's system helps us better direct and deliver mail. It also qualifies us to offer automation prices that other, uncertified printers can't.

A great perk of the Intelligent Mail® barcode is that it permits more effective tracking. Both outgoing and incoming mail pieces can be monitored as they're processed, and the acquired data can be forwarded electronically or made available online.

For example, an organization can see when a credit card statement is about to reach its recipient, or it can be alerted when a payment has entered the mail stream and is en route to the creditor. With this information, the company can coordinate telemarketing efforts, evaluate efficiency, and better manage cash flow.

This service is not identical to Certified/Return Receipt mail, however, since it provides process-based estimates only, not carrier-collected proof.

What Else is at Play?

Along with utilization of the enhanced barcode, the USPS seeks a transition to paperless processing. By encouraging businesses to submit data digitally, the post office generates shared documents where information is entered once and referenced repeatedly, not newly entered at different locations.

This simplification cuts down on potential errors and saves drop-off time by drivers and verification time by clerks at mail entry points. It also allows the post office to collect information early, which means that it can schedule facility operations and coordinate staffing based on the known rate of incoming mail.

What Is INDEXX Planning?

With INDEXX already on board as a full-service partner, our customers can expect early perks and better value.

For instance, we can offer a mechanized address correction service that analyzes returned mail, checks the addresses against post office databases, and provides an electronic report on the findings – all without employee involvement.

INDEXX has also upgraded the software we use to share information with the postal service, and we've invested in labor-reducing equipment for printing labels and tags.

All of these measures ensure that INDEXX is leading the way in delivering more options and more cost savings to our customers while fitting our systems to those recommended by the post office.

In that respect, we're completely in synch with the motivation behind their
re-invention: to better serve customers with more efficient, more responsive, and more specialized capabilities. In fact, it's a goal we're following to the letter.

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